The Carnival in Eyam 2015

This was our first Eyam Carnival and for us the excitement began when we saw our neighbours teetering on ladders putting up the bunting. We had no idea what to expect as we have only lived in Eyam since November 2014. Wow!

Carnival is at the opposite end of Wakes week to the Well Dressings. What a busy happy time! Teacakes, scones, homemade cakes and lovely breakfasts and lunches all disappearing fast!

The Carnival is the best Carnival we have ever seen in all of our travels and certainly one never to be missed! What a Show! Tideswell Band played and are second to none, It was fabulous to see the whole village sharing so much energy, enthusiasm, laughter and teamwork to put on a spectacular Carnival parade.  Of course we at Eyam Tearooms joined in, dressing both the Tearoom and ourselves up for a day of The Mad Hatters Tea Party! Fiona was the Queen of Hearts (not easy to serve customers dressed as a playing card!), Fran was a Mad Hatter (he soon took the coat off working in a hot kitchen!) and together with another Mad Hatter, Cheshire cats and a Dormouse we all had a lot of fun!

It all began on this sunny day with Singing in the Rain at the newly established (for one day only) Rain Inn.

The floats we unbelievable and included, ‘I am a celebrity get me out of here’ (with a man posing in a white bikini), men hanging off a wrecking demolition ball, the Red Barrows, Carnival Queens Float, blokes teetering and dancing along the road in stilettoes- we really cant remember why! But it worked well, and it continued…

All of this was accompanied by Sheep Roasts and BBQ foods as well as all of the Tearooms Light Bites and then followed by Music and dancing- what a night!

Eyam at play!  Visitors and Villagers together had a great time. Looking forward to next year!!